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What is bowldog™​ anyway?

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whether you're planning a picnic with your dog, going on vacation or just taking a quick walk in the park, 

bowldog™ the innovative portable pet travel bowl.

It's flat, flexible and turns into a stable, regular sized bowl, by simply adding water or food.

​when folded, bowldog™ may be attached to the leash, conveniently placed in your pocket or  in your car glove compartment, ready for use.
​always be prepared! Whether your on your daily walk with your dog, camping, hiking or stuck in traffic jam - make sure you have
bowldog™ handy.
bowldog™ is simply what you need. Just add water or food and place it on the ground.
when done, get rid of leftovers, flatten back, and seal
bowldog™ with the designated zipper.
bowldog™ is available in variety of stylish designs, to suit all dog breeds and owners tastes, anywhere, anytime.

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